Inmotio offers the most accurate indoor ADMA integration system

When it comes to vehicle performance testing, the quality of the analysis comes down to the details. Inmotio offers cutting-edge technology for tracking automotive performance, from trajectory analysis to lap comparison per sector.

ADMA Integration

Seamless integration with ADMA solution

The specially developed interface enables a fast connection to an ADMA sensor system. An uncoupled change from outdoor DGPS systems to Inmotio technology is assured. The Inmotio system automatically handles all initialization and communication steps. The use of ADMA can continue as usual.

Positional accuracy

Wireless communication between transponders (with up to four antenna’s) and twelve base stations in the test facility acquire up to 1000 measurements per second with positional accuracy up to ± 3 centimeters. This line-of-sight measurement  –Local Positioning Measurement system (LPM)– offers the most accurate position data in real-time. LPM is always accurate regardless of high/low speed, interrupted or irregular braking and intricate movement through corners or steep terrain.

Positional Accuracy
Trajectory analysis

Trajectory analysis

The positional accuracy of the Inmotio technology allows our users to track vehicle trajectory by i) measuring data on speed per selected distance (full track or start), ii) acceleration, distance traveled, time comparison and iii) drift and brake behavior. All these factors are measurable for any selectable sector of the track, allowing for highly in-depth lap comparison and car performance while accounting in (minor) adjustments to vehicle-settings.

Inmotio helps manufacturers around the globe optimise vehicle testing and performance

Testing under constant ambient conditions

Testing under constant ambient conditions

With the LPM (Local Position Measurement), driving tests and crash tests of new sensor systems and safety functions can be tested in indoor test facilities under constant ambient conditions, such as fog, rain, surroundings etc. The radar-based locating system is based on the functional principle of measuring the transit time of radio signals between transponders (on objects such as vehicles, GVTs, etc.) and base stations. The object positions are calculated out of the individual signal propagation times in the control station. These are available for further processing in real time. With this method position accuracies of up to +/-3 cm can be achieved

Other features in combination with ADMA

  • Cooperative vehicle safety functions with networked sensor systems and Car2X
  • Validation of predictive vehicle safety functions with camera, radar, lidar sensors, etc.
  • Crash tests with complete vehicle and components
  • Continuous crash tests (with pre-crash-phase)
  • Covered car park tests
  • Park-assist test and validation in enclosed environment
  • ADAS and vehicle dynamics test in special environment
Other features

In strong cooperation with our partner GeneSys

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